Safe Hacking Game Legacy of Discord 2018

Welcome dear visitor!  Team Tona Hack, thank you for your attention and your choice.Our team Tona Hack conducted a study in the game Legacy of Discord on the acquisition of resources for the account.  We were very disappointed by the high prices for diamonds.  Our expert found that the game has characters who buy resources.  They have an advantage over characters who do not have the opportunity to buy diamonds because of high prices, thereby discouraging the desire to play this game.

If you want to become the best player on the server and impress your friends, give us a few minutes of your precious attention.

The Tona Hack team has developed a very useful program that is safe for your LOD account for a FREE use of resources, including the discovery of all creatures and wings for your character.  The Tona Hack program opens up areas in the air where you can fight flying creatures and other characters.

Tona Hack works on all mobile devices and tablets Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini and other iOS.  The program has a built-in VPN to encrypt the IP address when adding resources, which reduces the risk of account blocking by 100%.  Get the program now and enjoy the game even more!

 Тона Hack

Features of the program Tona Hack:

- free purchases - a lot of money and diamonds (all diamonds are counted in Vip);

- Adding BR

- Supported by Game Center 

- works without root;  

- High security + VPN, when installing it is not necessary to delete the original;  

- Anti-security ban;  

- Updated at the same time as the game version.  

We will show you the screenshots of the characters whose account we scrolled through the Tona Hack program.  How to get the program, see the bottom of the site, thanks for attention!




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Payment Details

You can make a direct payment to any of the accounts listed below:  Western Union 30$

From: Ukraine

Name: Artem 

Surname: Seneta

( After transferring money, send an email to the transfer number and a screenshot.  After confirming the payment, you will be sent a program Tona Hack and the instruction. ) Payeer payment system, account number ( P66309331 30$ ) Payment system Perfect Money, account number (U14974541 30$ )

Bitcoin ( 3MXMCV3GgdAxVyQVShzHp3mKfSrUPFPzYD  / 0,0048 bitc)

- Bitcoin Cash: ( pr2nshkyc68rm9kj0neqrcjquk2y86g8xg7uluepk9 )